Couch to 5K

week 6 run 2...thwarted!!!

well, I was well on track...

- the dog now walks quickly (I jog that slowly!) alongside me really well

- mental challenge overcome

- the running itself has not been as hard as I thought, albeit very slow

- first 10 min run went really well...

...then two mins into the second run some young girl who was lost asked me for directions! it took me a couple of minutes to help her out, by which time I wasn't sure what to do. I could start the ten mins again but Laura was ahead of me on the MP3 but that would mean running more than I should and had an extra break. In the end I was so miffed about it (but not with the poor girl) that I walked home, and now not sure if I just go out again tomorrow to do it, or whether I need to have a days rest again.

I'm going for the former and looking forward to a run tomorrow, only 3 weeks now for graduation, I have the t-shirt ready!

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Oh dear! Better luck next time. Bet the dog was disappointed not to get the whole run too.😐🐕

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