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Cooler is better

I really missed running while we were away but after a few weeks off, I wondered whether to go back a couple of stages.

Well, I decided to go for it and see what happened and guess what? It was great! running is a lot easier when it's literally half the temperature and humidity of Vietnam 😀😀😀😀😀

So that's WK7 nailed - so happy.

Tuesday - I'll do a run with my husband ( you might remember he's sticking to WK5 while he's having tests for chest pains) and then it's on to WK8 - yay!!!

Loved Vietnam, but getting back to running has definitely eased the post-holiday blues

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Hey - that's brilliant - Vietnam must have been great but wow that heat and running!! Good Luck with W8 - almost there :-)

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Well done. Glad you had an amazing time and so great that you feel great to get back to the running! Definitely a way to beat those post-holiday blues!


Brilliant. Wk 7 done . Was Vietnam fantastic ? Would you recommend a holiday there ?

Hope your husband is doing ok and all the best with his cardiac tests.


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