Couch to 5K

First Parkrun - Pennington Flash or Bolton ?

I am on my third attempt at completing the program - got up to week 8 last year and mojo just up and left and couldn't be located despite hanging around this forum being inspired by everyone else

However eventually gave myself a good talking to and started again in June

Did Race for Life on Sunday with W6 R2 and then walked the rest of the 5K course which took me 50 minutes

So thinking that now the long runs are about to start whether to give Parkruns a try.

My question is has anyone runs both these Parkruns and if so which is the best for a slow first timer?

Also is W6 R3 too early to start doing Parkruns?

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It could be but then again you won't know if you don't try. You can go with your C25k app/podcast and do it there.

Parkrun is fab! Running round a park with like-minded folks of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities is just fun. It's why it was dreamt up in the first place, to get everyone running. It rocks! Just download a bar code and get there.

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Hi and Welcome back to running !

We have a lady on here amateurwriter who is a volunteer at Bolton parkrun . She is a very lovely friendly lady and Im sure she would be happy to welcome you there . She has lots of posts on here about parkrun if you want to search under her name it might make you feel less nervous.

You could do your W6R3 and then walk the rest, lots of people run, walk so don't worry .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


If you come to bolton parkrun I could run with you whilst you do your week 6 r3 as that is pretty much the same time I started going to parkrun during my week 6, what you could do is you could see what you think of pennington flash and bolton and then decide which one you prefer, but it's entirely up to you, I'm usually wearing a white puma cap and usually am stood in the middle of the volunteers, and multi-coloured/muddy trainers, if you can't spot me just ask the run director to spot me out and come over and I'm more than happy to run around with you if you'd like :)

Take care,

Siobhan x


Pennington flash is a beautiful run but the hills are pretty tough. It's two circuits so you hit the same Hill twice. The bonus is oncertainly you have done it the second time it is downhill then flat to the end. I run the couse every Monday but have yet to do a park run. I am a bit of a shy runner and have yet to see any advantages to social running and people seeing me in my mid and post run state ! 😂


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