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Holiday running

I packed my kit in the hope of some running on holiday (never thought I'd say that!)

Well I failed to find any gyms ( not really surprised as we're traveling around Vietnam 😭😭😭)

My one attempt to run at 6am was laughable, I managed 2km with a run, walk, gasp for air technique!!! The locals must have thought I was mad as it was already 30 degrees and 70% humidity. Needless to say, that was a once only experience and I went back to swimming....

I'd love to hear your holiday running stories 😀 Hopefully more successful than mine

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This is a fantastic effort for at least giving it a go!!! I am travelling in Burma in September so am hoping I'll be able to get out early or late for some jungle/temple runs but from your experience, perhaps not!

Swimming is a good replacement and a more welcome one I'd imagine!!

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Any run is better than no run so well done for having a go. Swimming will be fine and will do your legs good. Walking through the waves is also good. You can pick it up when you get back

I long to run at the seaside. Not managed it yet. One day!

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But you did it! Go you :)


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