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This morning I completed W6R3. While I wouldn't say I found it 'easy', it definitely wasn't too much for me either. A good sense of achievement.

Then this afternoon I went on a 3km cycle ride and walked up a shortish (but long enough!) and really quite steep hill with some friends. Was I the fittest in the group? No. But the absolute revelation was that I was no longer the slowest one puffing along at the back, asking to reduce the pace! It feels so good to know that my overall fitness level is increasing.

I guess I'm not alone in this, but it's a great feeling. And I still have quite a way to go until graduation!

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It's great how much the programme changes us, isn't it?! That must have felt great. Well done for completing Week 6. It is absolutely an anchievement :)


That's great ! I'm sure you have gained much fitness and will continue to do so.


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