My first ever run in the sun!!

Amazingly it's hot here in Scotland and tonight was my first ever run in the sun! Been running since March albeit with two months off due to injury, and finally got to wear my short sleeve top and shorts. It felt weird actually - my inner thighs rubbed together and I'm sure would have chafed if I'd done much more. I actually tried to pull the shorts down to cover more if my legs while running! However the run was good and I was proud of going out after work instead of sitting outside with a nice cool G&T. That came later ,,,,

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  • Well done. In true Scottish style I decided it was too hot lol. X

  • Love it! You need to live up to your user name ! It was rather too much for me but I am glad I managed it and experienced the need for shirts and shade!!

  • A G&T sounds like a perfect reward after a run on a hot day! :)

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