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Some Observations

Just completed W8R3, managing 4.8km.

The podcast music is still rubbish; looking forward to compiling 30 minutes of my own music; my theory is that listening to music you enjoy takes your mind off the running, particularly if you're struggling.

A lot of running is psychological. Hills are there to be beaten. Running downhill - even a small gradient - is like having a breather.

Running on the road feels easier than running on the pavement.

Earbuds keep falling out? Mine did and it was driving me mental. So, instead of investing in expensive over-the-ear, wireless, cost-a-bomb earplugs, I bought a sweatband (79p) and use that to keep the earbuds from falling out. And it stops sweat getting in my eyes. And it stops my sunglasses from slipping down my nose.

A compression vest works wonders for us getting-on-a-bit blokes with wobbly bits. Moobs instantly vanish...

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Haha! My incentive for finishing the programme was to put together my own playlist and it does make a big difference to your motivation. You're spot on about running being psychological. Control that and you're half way there. Well done on the run.


Great observations! I bought over the ear headphones for a five from ebay, although if a sweatband works just as well then go with that! :)

You're doing so well for 25 minutes. It appears that you'll smash 5k on your next run!

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