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A bit of Mother Daughter teamwork gets the job done!

A bit of Mother Daughter teamwork gets the job done!

A long post but lots to tell!

I was a bit apprehensive about Weds's run - I hadn't been running at all in the previous month! Glastonbury came and went, a house move came and went and before you know it, I'm putting off my run with dread that I'd lost a huge amount of fitness…

You must have heard the conditions of Glasto this year. Honestly, people joked about the mud but it was one of the most physically demanding weekends my legs have ever been put through! The mud was thick and gloppy and took your feet hostage with every step. Walking such distances between stages, dancing a bit, dancing a bit more and ten hours on your feet wading through it, you can hardly walk by midnight! It did weight loss a world of good though – lots of drinking, 4 meals a day and I still lost 2lbs!

Then the house move. It kept me active for a week or so but no time to fit a run in. Well, I suppose there was if I'd have been absolutely on it but I was sooooo tireeedd!

Anyway, run day arrived. It didn't start well which resulted a tech free run (yatesco quelle horreur!!) due to leaving my headphone and phone armband on my desk at work. If there was one thing I thought would egg me on through a tricky run, it was some good tunage. And those of you that know me, know I love having Mr. Strava in my ear with updates. I couldn't put the run off again though, because I'd committed to running with my mum. A few of you might have seen the thrilled post from Hidden, when she completed her first 5K! We went out running together for the first time around the lakes at a local country park. A bit humid but we missed the rain luckily.

Pace was good and it felt good to be out again :D We hit a good rhythm and pace comfortable for us both, soon hitting 4k. When we got to 4.5, it felt like 5 was definitely in reach so we both plodded along. Mum was so thrilled to have run beyond her expectations and was in disbelief when she realised she'd done it!

Fitness wise, I didn't notice much difference when actually running which really shocked me. I would have been happy for a 3.5k or 25-30 minutes or so. So I thought I had got away with it until the DOMS rolled in yesterday! I'm so glad though that that was the only sign I'd left it so long, I'll get over soreness within the next couple of runs. YIPPPPPPPPPEEEE!! Feeling jammy. :D

It just shows that with a bit of grit, you can always go that little bit further and to ignore those gremlins telling you to stop because you've never gone that far before. So well done Madre, next stop - Park Run!

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Sounds like a great run, technology issues aside :-)


It was a delight to run with you and having no tech meant we could point things out to each other on the way round 😃I saw a heron by the lake yesterday. It was such a lovely sight I thought I'd take a picture then I realised I had taken a picture of the inside of my running phone holder! But I was in a rhythm and didn't want to stop to take it again - does that mean I'm a real runner?! A Parkrun may prove it!


Sounds great - lovely photo. How great to be able to run together!


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