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W7-Run ok, recovery slow

I have been running the 25mins of week 7 fairly well, no real problems on the run thankfully. However, the recovery is slow and seem to be accumulating muscle fatigue . Have done the run 5 times now under different conditions but have sometimes needed two rather than one day to recover as the muscle fatigue can be too much. (These muscles are 50 years old and I usually soak them in a hot bath after running with a bit of massaging.) Anyone in this age bracket who has experienced the same? Any special adjustments for these last few weeks?

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If you're managing the runs fine then I would move on to the next one.

There's no problem with taking more than one rest day; I regularly take 2 rest days. But on the rest days I walk


I'm 50 and I often take extra rest days, sometimes life takes over and I can't manage a run. Listen to your body and do whatever works for you. As I see it, running will be a long term habit, so over the many years I intend to be doing this, it won't matter a jot if I miss a day here or there! Just don't let those rest days build into rest weeks or rest months. :-)

Try bathing in Epsom Salts to relieve tired muscles.


No problem at all with taking two rest days - especially with these longer runs. You will be building strength and stamina all the time, so it is worth persevering. Perhaps some strength training on rest days would be helpful?


Thank you for your replies . Yes, some strength training may help - I have not done as much strength and toning since starting c25k. Not in any hurry to complete the programme so will pace myself a bit. Hopefully, the leg muscle fitness will catchup with the cardio fitness .


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