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Going a little

Apologies for the lol in the title, but it really was! After the unbelievable completion of W5r3, I looked ahead to week 6 with huge confidence. Shorter run, let's go a little faster!

Anyhow, having completed w6r1 at a pleasing pace, I checked my stats to find absolutely no difference from the previous run. Turns out I was just swinging my arms more enthusiastically :)

On a positive note, laughing at the end of a run is a massive improvement!

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Don't concern yourself with, speed, pace or distance at this stage. It's a distraction. It can also lead to the injury couch.

Week 6 already!😊 Have fun with this but this might try your patience so dig in. Slow but sure 😊


I have found that I am absolutely rubbish at judging my own pace! My run the other night was a classic example - I kept telling myself that no matter how slow it felt, I needed to go slower to make sure I got through it - and got home to discover I'd gone quicker than normal! :rolleyes:

But yes, laughing at the end is definitely better than many of the alternatives! ;)

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Haha that made me laugh and reminded me of a post Tombenoly put up a while ago...

It is definitely difficult to judge pace. No need to worry about it just yet though, stay slow to make sure you can get up to the 30 minutes. Maybe as a graduation present you could look into a GPS running watch where you can see pace, etc as you run?

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Ha! Lots of people stumble over week 6 a bit so just be proud that you completed it with no problems!

You can worry about your speed when you finish the programme - for now, slow is good.


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