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A gentle parkrun

Hi everyone hope you are all well, this is going to be a pretty short as I am going to my very first headway get together this afternoon, have not been at all well this weekend, managed to get through helping out with parkrun and taking part in the parkrun by taking painkillers before hand, it turns out that I have an impacted wisdom tooth which has been rubbing on the back tooth which has caused a pretty bad infection to the point where my face is swollen and I wasn't well at all over the weekend, I was that unwell I couldn't manage to get to great run local to marshal, I was in so much pain I even told my mum to break both my legs that way I can go hospital and get some pain relief, and I'm a runner, gymnast and a footballer and need the use of my legs and when she said no she won't do that I told her to break my arms I'm glad she still refused, I've learnt one thing though to never ever say to someone they are making the pain up after the weekend just gone, I used to say in high school people need to just ignore the pain when they have a tiny toothache but last saturday I was that bad that I was in tears and was on the verge of ringing up a friend who drives and only lives round the corner from me to take me to the hospital but didn't anyway had an emergency dentist appointment yesterday, x-rays took, found out I have an infection due to my wisdom tooth, I'm on antibiotics and painkillers and feeling a lot better, my face is still swollen but my throat isn't as swollen as it was which means the tablets are helping, last night I managed my first proper meal since last thursday because all I've managed to eat is soup and some spaghetti even eating those hurt to eat and even drinking water really hurt but I'm on the mend and am going to go to the SRC tonight for a gentle 5km run instead of the 8km,

anyway so back to last saturday,

I woke up at around 5ish, hopped in to the shower, showered, changed, managed to eat some toast and a banana so glad I managed to get something down me before leaving, I managed to pack most of the things I needed the night before so didn't have much to do before leaving on the saturday, I got to parkrun for 8 and then realised I had no spare trainers oops, oh well I remembered to bring spare clothes with me,

I get to the start of the parkrun for 8am, and me and other volunteers have a nice chat about things like how we hoped the weather would hold off until after the run, sadly that wasn't the case and it was a rather wet parkrun but was still enjoyable,

Once the gates get unlocked we go to work, I drop my backpack off to the side of the track and get to where the cones and other things are kept (can't remember what it's called) I grab a lot of cones and still needed to grab more, I was a bit slower putting out the cones this weekend, had to chase a cone because when I dropped a cone it got caught by the wind so started rolling away, managed to get the cone back and place it on the track so it wouldn't happen again, I put out all the cones around the track and the starting cones, someone else had gone and put cones out to direct people off the track, so I just went to see if there was anything else to do which there wasn't everything else had been done,

I stand around and start chatting to the volunteers and then my friend bill turns up so we chat and then julie turns up and me and julie nip to the toilet after I grab my running watch, jacket and a few other things, then we go back outside and find out that it was raining heavier than it was before we went to the toilet so me and bill stand under the shelter until it's almost time for the runner briefing, I chat to volunteer and mentioned that I'm volunteering for the iron man this week and then parkrun on saturday and great run local on sunday, as well as having 2 hospital appointments this week, one on thursday before heading off to volunteer for iron man and one on friday before heading off to volunteer for yep you guessed it iron man in bolton :)

We all stand around and listen to the briefing and all the usual rules and then we all head to the start of the run, I go to the back as it was a rest day and I wasn't 100% but wasn't that unwell that I had to marshal and not be able to run, so for most of the run I run with one of the 2 tail runners, I congratulate her on getting a job especially after having one job interview (as far as I know) and she starts college this september so we just chatted about things, parkrun and other things whilst getting around the course, I must admit that me and the tail runner did walk for a lot of the course, but we did run for a bit of it as well :)

I came in with a time of 47:06, I'm pleased with that as I felt like I walked for most of the parkrun, so was pleasintly surprised at the time being quicker than I thought it would have been,

I hope you are all well and enjoying your running, I've had a slight set back on my training for the bury10k but the training programme is an 8 week training plan I've completed 2 weeks and will be repeating week 3 this week so will still have 3 weeks in between completing the 8 week and the race on the 18th september so still got time to breath and get back to health even if I take it easy this week and do week 3 next week but feel up to doing majority of the runs this week, now that my face is feeling better,

Take care everyone and enjoy your week,

Siobhan xx

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Bless you Siobhan.

"this is going to be a pretty short" You lied :-)

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Lol I did plan on it being a really short post but sadly my brain had other ideas,

Maybe another post my brain will cooperate :)

Take care,

Siobhan :)


Siobhan.. what a time you are still having.. tooth ache is horrid and wisdom tooth pain! Ouch! I am lucky, I have no wisdom tooth.. (Shhh...everyone.. it does not mean I am stooopid)

You did so well to even attempt the Park run, and as usual you came up trumps again!

Well done.. and I hope that tooth sorts soon... Big hug sweetie x

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No, not at all your far from stupid,

I'm feeling a bit better today, the antibiotics has been helping and the painkillers have been helping me at least eat a little bit more than just soup or spaghetti which is basically what I was surviving on over the weekend, plus the dentist said I came in at the right time as the swelling next to my throat was slowly cutting off my air way, and making it difficult to even drink water but the swelling is going down and I can drink water and eat some solid foods :) so on the mend now,

I'm looking forward to parkrun this weekend, will hopefully be a lot better by then :)

Thank you, big hugs back to you to :)

Take care,

Siobhan x


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