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Week 1 - step instead of running?

Hello everyone!

after many years of supreme couch-surfing I finally bit the bullet last week and started on this mad scheme. I did the first 'run' without to many problems, to my great surprise. I'm carrying at least 3 stones in weight I shouldn't be, but still managed to get through each of the 60 second runs without collapsing. Calves hurt for the next couple of days, but looking at the posts on here that seems normal.

But I have a question, if anyone can help? I did my first run on Wednesday, then 2nd on Saturday, and had pencilled in today for no. 3.

But it's stair-rodding out there, so instead of ditching it entirely, I decided to do the program, but using a step instead for the 'running' bits. I'm not planning to count this as a run, I'll still do the third in a couple of days before I move on to the next week.

But I wonder if anyone else had done this? And does anyone know how the two types of exercise compare? I know the movements are slightly different, but it is the same muscle groups, so I imagine it must help, and of course aerobically you are still getting the heart going whichever exercise you choose.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any insight on this, and just want to say thanks to everyone who posts on here, as reading through everyone's stories gave me the kick up the backside to try this.

Cheers :0)

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Sorry, I don't know of anyone who has used a step machine, so can't help with the specifics you asked about. What I will say is well done for doing something, after all surely any form of exercise has got to be better than doing nothing. I wouldn't venture out in stair rods, but have run in the rain and it can be fun! Good luck with the program, I'm glad you have decided to participate. :-)


I'm no expert but well done for starting and also for doing something good if you couldn't run outside today. I use Strength and Flex podcasts in-between running and they really help me - Good luck with your next run :-)


Thanks to everyone who replied :0) - done week one now, and with stretching my calves seem to be better - but does the stretch and flex thing you mention cover anything on backs? just have a niggle in the small of the back, and want some running specific exercises tp help strengthen it. Would it be any good or do I look elsewhere?


Step is a great exercise to do on your "rest" days but I would encourage you to run in the rain. It really is fun and makes you feel you're a child again 🤗

Well done on starting and make sure you stretch to keep the calves nice and supple.

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