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Excellent, I'm allowed to carry on but where do I start, advice needed as usual 🙈

I was due to see my Consultant tomorrow and was going to ask about my hip pain and carrying on with C25K as advised but I had to see my own doctor yesterday as I've picked up a chest infection. After dealing with the chest issue I spoke to him about C25K and the problems I'd experienced (he's a regular runner) and he checked me out . He said it was definitely a "mechanical" issue and not related to my health conditions and was very encouraging that I tried running again. His view is that if it reoccurs I've to let him know and he'll do an immediate Physio referral but definitely said I didn't have to stop. Asked how it was effecting my cycling and when I said it hadn't he reckons it's because I'm asking my body to do something it's not been asked to do before. So I left with 7 days antibiotics but much happier could give this a go again.

He also asked for details about C25K as he said I'd been full of praise for it and it was something he was going to investigate to see about recommending it to patients. I told him the forum was one of the most supportive things I'd experience 😄😄

Anyway now that's us all caught up what I really want to know is what stage do I start at when I do take this up again? No excersise apart from 60 easy miles (3x20 on the flat) in the last 2 weeks between sore hips and chest infection. No hard excersise until I finish my antibiotics (6 days) doctor suggested a couple of cycles 20 miles plus before I try running again. I can do that two nights in a row probably weekend & Mon/Tue. I had finished W4R3 and had found the runs ok it was the walking I was struggling with. This was 15 days ago.

Sorry about the length of my ramblings but am actually just delighted that I can take running up again. Who'd have thought I'd be using the words delighted and running in the same sentence 😄😄

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Good news!

You don't go at c25k "hard". Quite the reverse. Slow is best. To make sure you stay injury-free you don't have to do cycling every day. Do your cycles on your non-running days to give your body recovery time. If necessary allow yourself another rest day if needs be. Your body builds running legs on the rest day, according to science ☺

So, off you go. Have fun 😊

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I would continue where you left off but as Miss Wobble says, take it slow and easy and keep the rest days for recovering to let the muscles build and learn what you are now asking of them. Excellent news, just don't get carried away.

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You could show your GP this poster (or just the link)

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