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What did I learn & right of passage


Well it's 5 am and time for W6R1 thought I would try something different so set my Casio watch interval timer to the run programme while having Laura stuck in my ear. so out the door we go started Podcast and timer and set off 5 minutes in interval timer finishes Podcast runs on for 12 more seconds this set the pattern for the rest of the run 8 minute run on interval timer beeps Laura says still got 3 minutes to go carried on the rest of the run and when finished came to the conclusion either I have increased my speed or someone is telling porkies. I can only say I must have George Ezra's Casio so won't be going out with that again and will just stick to Laura and her instructions. On the right of passage i copped a fly in the mouth but managed to get rid of it before I swallowed it. On to W6R2

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Extra protein can be a good thing!

Very well done you.. I thought I was an early bird.. but wow! :)


You hit the floor before me this morning. Well done.


I'm intrigued ! Where does George Ezra and his watch come into the equation ?

Well done for getting out there on an early dart ! :-) xxx


Ha ha Ive answered my own question , Ive got it now :-) xxx

Hi Poppypug glad you got it it seemed rather apt yesterday when all the interval times didn't,t match with Laura


Wow, that is an early start. Great that you managed it with style. I can only manage one technology at a time as yet. The church o'clock signals I am near the end!

MichaelH070862Graduate in reply to Ellymeg

I go out early because i enjoy the sunrise and you get a sense of renewal and the birth of a new day

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