My soles!

Hi I could do with some advice about aching feet. Im about to do W6 D3 today and absolutely loving this new found enthusiasm for exercise and the positive changes to my body shape. However I am finding that my feet are aching quite a lot when I am not running. I started this amazing program using my 10yr old (not used much) trainers but quickly invested in a new pair of sketchers memory foam which are far more comfortable and feel supportive while I have them on, but for the past 3 or 4 weeks the soles of my feet are aching a lot of the time. It's not going to stop me (I really hope it won't but am a bit worried I might be doing long term damage). Any help and advice would be gratefully accepted xx


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7 Replies

  • I would say your footwear is most likely inappropriate.

    You don't say whether your Sketchers are running shoes or just ordinary leisure trainers. Running shoes are designed to support your feet while running. Having your gait analysed at a dedicated running shop will indicate what sort of support you may, or may not, require and you should be pointed towards appropriate shoes by knowledgeable staff if you go to a reputable store. The choice then is down to which of those are most comfortable for your feet and your wallet.

    Stretching post run may also help. If the pain persists then something needs to be done to get to the root cause, or you may, as you say, do long term damage.

  • Thank you IannodaTruffe I will find somewhere local I can have that done. I thought the new footwear was for running but the box is long gone so I could be wro g!! Thanks again Karen

  • Sounds like the shoes, i had trouble with the soles of my feet hurting but had gait analysis done and new trainers are fab even bought insoles with gel soles to help with the issues for my old trainers because i use them when its wet and muddy, hope you get it sorted :)

  • Thank you I'm going to get the gait check done x

  • I'm thinking you should go for gait analysis too. Also trainers have different run lifes. Most running trainers are good for 350-600 miles. Not sure about leisure ones however.

  • I had lots of pain in my feet when I started and I found stretching very helpful. Especially the one where you stand with your toes on the edge of the step and drop your heel. My osteopath advised me to do it with both straight and bent legs which works a different muscle group.

    If you have lots of hard skin on your feet it can make them hurt too - I know that from when I was on my feet all day in a shop !

    If really bad a good podiatrist should be able to help.

  • Thank you, thankfully no hard skin at all but I will start the stretching properly tho I have just been doing regular leg/calf stretches and heels. I will google others that may be helpful x

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