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Problem with podcasts

Hi, been a while since i posted, but had to take 2 weeks off programme due to bad back. My back went 2 days after finishing w2r3, so when i restarted, i repeated w2r3 before moving onto w3. I've now completed runs 1 & 2 of week 3, and have gone on NHS Choices website to download week 4. Now hit a major problem! Accessing website via phone - can't see podcasts to download. Access same webpage on my tablet...there they are! My phone is Samsung Galaxy S6, so not too old. Tried downloading podcast onto tablet to email across to phone, but failed to due size if attacment even though i sent it in zipped version. Since i really dont want to run with a tablet strapped to my person (pockets aren't big enough!), & would really like to stay the course with Laura (hubby is doing different C25K app & I'm not very impressed with it) hoping someone can help on the Forum??? Polly ☺

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I had to put a podcast playing app on my phone - although I managed to find the podcasts I think and download them. Presumably you managed to do all this before! How frustrating! I can't help except offer sympathy!


I have a galaxy s3. I downloaded all the podcasts onto my laptop and copied them to the phone via a USB cable. I put them into the music folder on the phone and it works well.


I didn't think of that. Might borrow my hubby's laptopband give it a go. Thank you


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