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Tight calf or worse?

so a couple of weeks ago I posted about a tight calf. I invested in a foam roller and last weekend I bought some new trainers (which I am breaking in).

Anyway, Monday's run (in old trainers) was good or so i thought. But when I got home and got on with my day the pain set in. Didn't want to put pressure through that leg by lunch time :(. My OH is fab at massage so I got him to give it a good rub on Monday night and I rested Tuesday and yesterday.

I can still feel it and I am not sure it feels muscular. feels more like bone?!

I went for a very slow walk in the new trainers this morning. Not in pain as such but can still feel discomfort.

Any ideas you lovely people?

May walk again tomorrow as I won't get out over the weekend or Monday. Pretty sure I won't try running until next Tuesday at the earliest.

Thank you in advance for your advice and ideas.

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You might have to lay off running to allow your calf to heal. I have recently suffered a calf strain, tried to roll it, do exercises on it, do a few jogs a week apart. All to no avail so rested 20 days before attempting a return.

You could go swimming instead to maintain your fitness.

Ice is really good, so elevate and ice as often as poss ☺

It's hard to know what to advise as we don't know for sure what is wrong with your calf so can only give general advice. I hope after some rest you can get back to running pain free ☺ if not, you will have to visit the doc

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If you can, it might be worth making an appointment to see a physiotherapist. I learnt the hard way that self diagnosis is not always a good idea.

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I had a pain right down the back of my left calf, even walking hurt, I rested for 2 and a half weeks until all pain stopped, got back running this week and now everything is fine so I guess maybe you just need to rest. Good luck!!

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