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Some running related inspiration...

I'm not sure if anyone caught the two part series Gareth's Invictus Choir which was on BBC back in May? I caught it by accident when it happened to come on in the background one day and it touched me like nothing else has for years and years.

It's based around the Invictus Games, which is a paralympic style games for injured servicemen and women. Gareth Malone got a choir together made up of wounded ex-service personnel to write and sing a song to be the anthem of the games and to perform at the opening ceremony. The programme was incredible, particularly people's back stories, and definitely worth a look if you get a chance but I thought I'd share their song which gives a taste of the programme's inspiration.

Although it's a slow one, it's still on my running playlist as every time I think of these amazing people and what they've achieved and overcome I feel incredibly humble and motivated. The images on the video are beautiful and the part at around 2 minutes 30 makes me well up every time. I always remind myself that if people can achieve these things then I have no excuse. The song and video is beautiful and so inspiring to me so hope it may be the same for others.

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Fantastic,truly inspiring and very humbling. I watched the games and the program following the journey our athlete's went on to secure their places at the games. Ished afew tears then and I did so tonight. Thank you for sharing this with us Melly xx

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Thanks for sharing this. Amazing images and music.

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