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1st post grad run bit of a disaster

My first run since my Friday graduation. It's very humid today and I was pretty hot after just walking the dog so I decided to go on the treadmill rather than outside. It was hard very hard, sweat pouring off after 5 mins I managed just shy of 15 mins and then had a 60 second walk break before going back to a run I did that a couple of times more and then really pushed it hard for the last 5 mins in all covering 4.3 k in the 30 mins. So I didn't run for a full consecutive 30 mins but I did get the distance done and any run done is a good run so it too disappointed

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Oh me to ! Struggled for most of the run and had to walk at the end. At least we did it and we will have better runs again i am sure.


If you read some of the posts here on running in the heat you will see how much more of an effort it is for our bodies when it's hot, so give yourself a break ! You still did it and you will keep doing it , we are often too hard on ourselves and I'm guilty of this too, it's obvious when it's someone else that they are doing fine but not so obvious to ourself!


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