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The difference a year makes

I started the programme in September 2015. Unbelievably to me, I graduated on Christmas day - what a present, and made that turkey dinner taste all the better. Since then I have continued with 'speed' and 'stamina', trying to improve my speed (I am SLOW) and distance. I have just entered a 10K race in Reigate in September this year - and I cant quite believe the difference in my outlook and energy. I actually enjoy running and look forward to it in the mornings.

if you are struggling, my advice is that whatever your age, size or shape (I am 50 and very overweight) you can enjoy exercise and achieve things that you never thought you could...

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Thanks for the tips it's inspiring I know exactly what you mean Calire, I can't remember when I started the c25k I must check my calendar but I definitely feel so different and fitter too. I used to walk for two hours most days of the week and didn't feel as fit as I do with the running, I guess running exercises are better than walking.

I too I'm enjoying the running which surprises me because I was nervous to start the running podcast, I thought there's no way I going to be able to run the last time I done any running was in my teens, I'm 52 and 6 stones overweight.

Sounds like you've done brilliantly with your running and I wish you all the best with the 10k race.

Have a good day.

:) X

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Crikey - I know what you mean about starting. I delayed a month because to was too scared to do W1R1... but look at us both now, eh!


Yes, of course you can, and have fun while doing it. Life changing stuff this running lark. Being slow is nothing to worry about. We all want to speed up but take your time. The Stepping Stones podcasts are fab. I run them all the time, love em. They are a bit strange I grant you but just the things to keep your legs guessing

Have fun!


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