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Week 5 Run 1

Another glorious sunny morning which reminded me of my first run a few weeks ago. Oh how the weeks have flown by. It was like a scene from Watership Down in the lane this morning with lots of bunnies who hopped off into the long verges before I got near to them.

When Laura told me what we would be doing this morning I knew it would be all right as it didn't seem too much different to last week's run. However she promised that we would be stepping it up this week with three different runs so I will have to wait to see what she has in store.

As I ran in to the next village a young fella me lad was running towards me. We exchanged manly nods as we passed. I think that he may have mistaken me for a fellow runner!

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But you ARE a runner!

Beautiful post, my kind of run too! Just follow Laura and trust her, she will take you through!

I love the morning runs, and envy you the bunnies! Watership Down indeed!

I am soooo tempted to run...but, although it is a glorious morning here, it is a rest day... did I say rest? Monday is washing day and I have a basket full... plants to go into the garden, my studio to tidy and the downstairs windows to be cleaned....

The temptation to run is even stronger now, but rest days are sacred:)

Well done you, just focus, as you are on the programme and each week will follow naturally! Enjoy your day:)


Love it...! Enjoy your post run glow😇


Oh yes you are a runner now! No doubt about that!

Go nice and steady and the job's a good un. Enjoy the weather! Lovely jubbly


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