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Bad run......but I won't be beaten

Went out this morning as planned to re-start programme W7R1, full of enthusiasm and pleased to get back out in the fresh air again...... But it wasn't to be! 😞

Did the 5 minute walk, path a bit wet from heavy shower, so was careful not to slip on wet leaves etc.....

As I was returning from ankle injury planned my route to avoid too many inclines and uneven roads... (Being sensible here🙂)

Then Laura voice tells me to start running, so off I go,sun is coming out, black clouds disappearing all feeling great.

But wait..... The ankle strap I've bought to help support is making me feel like I have a massive Boulder in my shoe! Maybe I have it strapped up wrong..... Try to keep going but so uncomfortable, so I pause the music, and take off the added straps. Off I go again..... That feels better.... Quite liking the new route, bit of a change.

Laura's voice comes in at 12.5 minutes, great doing ok, bit slower than I'd like but still going.... Remembering what I had been told in the running shop, don't over stride little steps.

But now.... I feel like I need the bathroom (if you no what I mean😳).....telling myself to keep going ignore it, keep slowing down more, try a minute walking, but as soon as I run again the feeling comes back those bathroom gremlins are here!

So I decide to give up, and take the short cut home, walking as it doesn't feel so bad.😢

I probably managed about 15 minutes of running, which I am telling myself is better than nothing, and better than I would have done a couple of months ago...... But I am frustrated and disappointed.

But on the positive side my ankle feels ok. So I will try again this week to get back to the programme.....and hope the bathroom gremlin doesn't strike again!

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Don't be too disappointed - you did well and your ankle held up. You're back on the time. 👣🏃


You got out and ran. Major success.


Ha ha, yes I have those bathroom issues too during runs! I've mastered a mind over body approach, but I'm SO relieved when I get home!

So don't give yourself such a hard time, be proud that you managed to do 15 minutes post ankle issue and see it as a stepping stone back on to the programme. Any run is always better than no run, but you'll be over this blip soon, I'm sure. Good luck!


Thank you .... I'm sure I will overcome this 😳


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