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Week 1 and knee injury

A few days ago I posted that I had completed week 1 run 3 and felt brilliant. It was pointed out to me (in a nice way!) that it's not done on a calendar week but when you feel you have successfully run the week right. With this advice in hand I duly decided to go over my first run again.

I didn't feel like going out on Monday morning as I'd had a couple of glasses of wine the night before whilst watching Coldplay perform at Glastonbury from my couch (!) but I thought I couldn't put it off, so out I went. I was doing really well and was on my 8th 1 minute run when right at the end I felt something tighten around my knee and I had to pull up. I ended up limping home and promptly iced my knee and felt sorry for myself. It didn't help that later that day I did my 1 mile school run walk (well, hobbled it in fact).

The following day my knee had swollen up, it kept pointing inwards when I tried to walk and was starting to get painful. I ended up at the doctors where I was told anti-inflammatories and self-refer to physio.

With no joy at being able to speak to someone at the physio department (it's all automated with us) I decided to try private and managed to get booked in the following day. The physio was great, he has given me exercises to do to strengthen my knee, gave me an amazing leg massage to loosen my quad muscles and has recommended a foam roller to help at home. I have of course been advised to not run for the moment and to cut down on my walking to enable my knee to recover.

This will not be the end of my running as I felt I was really getting somewhere and felt I would have completed those 1 minute runs. Oh well, rest and recuperation it is for now.

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Sorry to hear of the injury. For many of us starting from the couch it's a challenge to strengthen the musckes around the joints. Well done for getting it seen to promptly and hope you have a speedy recovery 😊


Oh no! How horrible, especially as you were feeling so good about it. Rest is best and the programme will still be here when your knee is better. When you get back to it make sure you stretch to avoid injury again, perhaps get some proper shoes after a gait analysis and go slowly to avoid injury again!

Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Sorry to hear about your knee, that must have been such a worry for you xxx

The good news is that you know whats wrong and it will get better !

Heres wishing you a speedy recovery and we will see you back on the programme raring to go and fighting fit ! xxx


Rest and return..you will be back!☺

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