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Couch to 5K
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Custom Insoles

Wondering if anyone has an opinion on custom insoles?

When I had my gait analysed at sweatshop they mold some custom insoles that you can buy if you want to @ £30. I didn't get them but am considering going back & getting some.

I have re-started Week 1, slow jog every other run & still had pain & tightness in the back of the ankles & one really painful knee (inside of leg & a bit at the back) when I put any weight on it.

Not sure what else to do, I don't want to give up as i've enjoyed it but my legs are giving up way before I even get out of breath or work up a sweat. I'm not even doing as much as I did on my first time out! Feel a bit stuck so any advise apprecaited

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Wanted to add that I run on grass & woodland paths. My last outing was around a cricket pitch so well kept and flat but maybe grass is a bit to uneven?


Stick to the grass! Have you tried doing any of the stretch exercises shown on this website??


I have as at the end of my first week last time I had shooting pain's down the back of my ankles, rested for a week then started again with every other run so as not to hurt myself again.

I do a bit longer than the 5 min warm up and warm down for about 10 mins before doing my stretches. The shooting pain at the bottom of my calf/ankle seems to appear in my second run & stays there but goes quickly after I finish exercising & I always get it. The knee pain I haven't had before & is still a bit painful going up & down stairs but 2 days ago I couldn't put weight on it at all.

I also have a foam roller which i've had a go with but hasn't been very successful so far.


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