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Rain running with julie

W8r2 done, was nice to run in the middle of the day for a change as it wasn't so hot and humid as last few weeks, I didn't have to wait til dusk. I was glad I didn't take my raincoat as it was still quite muggy, but the rain felt lovely, even if it wasn't a pretty sight by the time I got home somewhat soggy 😅

Today I wasn't the only snail out either, there were squillions of them to dodge on the footpaths, and actually I managed 4K exactly in my 28 mins- my longest distance so far by about 0.5k! Not sure I really need Julie again next time though, might go with my own music again for r3 like last week! Happy Sunday all 😀

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Yea sack Julie, I don't know what week 9 brings as I sack Laura as well for week 9. Nothing against Laura, just the muzak.


I know... Terrible Muzak lol but I can't quite sack bring myself to sack Laura for r1 of each week


Well done silly, I did the same run this morning but not quite as far you got. Keep going and good luck for the rest of your runs.


Thanks Gary, you too!!


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