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End of Week 2 report from Red Faced Beamy McBeamface

Found today harder than W2 R2 - but was flipping determined to complete it even when my calves were really aching and I wanted to stop 😡

I MUST slow down though. MapMyRun tells me I ran further and faster today than R2 and that's probably why I was struggling a bit

I am a bit apprehensive about W3 R1 ( 3 minutes - really??) but reminding myself how my W1 R1 being soooooo hard that I remember I seriously wanted to cry and now I just want to do the next run 😂

Today as I started my cool down walk after the last 90 sec run, I was waving my arms in the air and beaming all over my tomato face - beginning to understand why people keep going and find this addictive as the sense of achievement is brilliant especially when you have struggled

Bit of advice needed - still getting pain in my heels - best description is that they feel tight. No pain in foot - just the heel area - like the bone has been bruised. It fades in and out and is probably worse today as I was dancing to Glasto last night. Worse as I get up and eases during day....any advice gratefully received....

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Well done on finishing the week. Am sure it's normal to have good and bad runs and going slowly is good! I've not had foot pain but wonder if your shows give enough support??

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Well done you sound like you have got the bug already! Not sure about your heels. Maybe a shock absorbing insole if your shoes are not very cushioning?


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