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Can't run on treadmill

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else has problems running on the treadmill. I wanted to start trying 5k indoors so that on horrible winter days I have no excuse not to run. But however hard I try with these godawful machines, I end up 5 mins in having to stop because I will be sick if I continue. I can't even walk for longer than 15 mins before the nausea starts. Wondered if anyone has heard of this and if it will pass if I persist. My friend says take a travel sickness tablet before I run but I'm not so keen on that for a long term solution. Any advice please

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I have not been on a dreadmill for about 20yrs and never plan to! Hate the things. I find it harder running in the heat than through the winter though. I am already looking forward to the cooler days. Didn't find the weather stopped me running last winter at all (yep, I got a bit wet and cold at times). Do you live somewhere where the weather is particularly bad?

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Tetra tell I'm the complete opposite, in that I can only run on a treadmill. At first I found it easier to focus down rather than looking up, but that seems to be getting better. I find the cushioning of the bed helps the knees.


I use a treadmill in a pinch, they make me a little nauseous as well. But if it's just winter from keeping you from running outside, can I convince you that it's a great outdoor sport in the winter months? I run outside year round. Never slipped running, though i slip on the ice all the time while walking. And you can dress for the weather (I've run into the -20C range), if anything you get too warm. I promise you'll feel very hardcore after a chilly winter run. And it gives you much needed fresh air when we get so little then.


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