W8R3 - My Fastest 5K

I was due to run 28 minutes, but I was feeling good and the temperature this morning was much cooler than I'm used to. I checked my pace at 28 minutes and realised another 4 minutes would take me over the 5K mark, so I went for it. 32:14, which is the fastest I ever managed. I'm totally exhausted! Next week I think I'll stick to the 30 minute runs. I'm looking forward to graduating. Good luck to everyone else running this weekend, I hope you dodge the showers. I know I've gone on about pace and speed a bit, but don't let me put you off, just stick to the programme and you'll be running 5K very soon!


4 Replies

  • Well done on the 5k and good luck with week 9 only 3 more until you graduate

  • Fantastic, well done you :)

  • Nice one Tim- week 9 will be a breeze for you :)

  • Well done and sounds like a good time too. Next week should be easy for you now. Onwards to graduation.☺

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