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W2 R2 - moving on up :-)

Felt a bit apprehensive after 2 hours sleep last night and my first time on my own without my trusty companions

But soon got into my stride (shuffle) and the 90 second runs flew past. I was genuinely surprised every time Laura told me to stop. Met a gremlin on run 4 but soon got rid of him by picking my head up and enjoying the lovely scenery and he soon scooted off!

Calves still ache after about 8 mins in but I'm getting used to that and hope that will improve with time as I get a wee bit fitter and continue with Strength and Flex

Also got the map my run app and used that for the first time today - thought it might be motivational to see how I (hopefully) improve as the weeks and months go by

Loving this :-)

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I love the way you got rid of the gremlin. Yeah! Well done. It sounds as if you're doing really well.


Very well done!!!

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Well done you sound like you are well on your way. Keep going☺

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