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Week 6 run 2, done omg I didn't have demons!!!!!

Got home from work and just thought come on, let's get out and clear the head from the trials of life.... Again first 2-3 minutes tough, then I thought you have done this twice already you can do this ...

Again slight pain in right calf, looked at landing position and think I'm landing more towards heel than middle so consciously arched position and that felt easier and because I was concentrating on landing position, didn't realise it was beSrky over until Laura said only 5 minutes left ..... I did this without thinking of breathing today even though I'm sure the breathing coming together slowly, again I sped up the last 60 seconds and kept going at least another 30 seconds so was overall really pleased.

I think the extra 3 minutes will be okay, I'm going to try not to think of it.... hopung to do the run on Friday or Saturday but 2 X 14 hour shifts on those days so may be Sunday

I will let you know how I get on

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Great news. You are doing really well. Of course the extra 3 minutes will be okay, you don't need to worry about that.

Keep an eye on that hip niggle though and make sure it doesn't get any worse - being on the injury couch is so frustrating.


Well done... listen to your body though..slow and steady and you should be fine :)

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Just shows what a bit of distraction can do! Hope all your runs to well now. You are really on your way.


Well done. Week 6 can be tricky but it's the end of the walk breaks now and all about gentle increases and consolidation to graduation ! Doing really well.


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