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Week 7 ✔️

Week7 done and dusted, but must admit I found it hard. Due to work I Had to leave longer gaps between runs then I would have liked wed/sun/wed. But hopefully week 8 back to a 1 day rest. Still taking it nice and slow(not that I have a say in that)lol. Not sure about another extra 3 mins, but then again 7 weeks ago I never thought I would be running (use that word in a loose way) for 25mins/2miles non stop. Bring on Friday and week 8.

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well done - you are doing great garym. Two more weeks to graduation - you must be feeling like a runner now as well?

Great attitude - nice one.

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I found every week hard but at this stage you know you're going to complete the programme. And you will. If you can run for 25 minutes then you can run for 30. Good job.

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