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So now what?

So I graduated C25K last week (running for 30 minutes and covering about 4.3k) and last night I did my first actual 5k in about 38 minutes. I've signed up for a local 10k in October - after some encouragement from a marathon running friend. What I'd love to find is a training plan that takes me from 5k to 10k in the same sort of way that Laura's podcasts did. It turns out that I like rules and instructions and a plan that builds on the fitness I've achieved over the last 10 weeks would be great - any suggestions, please?

Cat xx

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cat365 great effort. Congratulations. You just need to keep running doing about 30 mins or 5k and it gets easier. Im now up to 4 miles or 6.8 km in 40 minutes and feel like im now becoming a runner. The improvement from week 1 is anazing and like most i thought I would never get there. Keep it going.


Well done that's brilliant. My 5k time is 38 mims too and I built up using the Bupa 10k plan. It's just one I printed off and stuck on the fridge though - I haven't found one yet that talks in your ear like Laura. I managed my first 10k a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it although I still need a few walk breaks in there. Good luck 😃

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One word. parkrun. On Saturdays. parkrun.co.uk


Congratulations on graduating ☺. If you need someone telling you when to walk/run, 10k Runner from the Google play store is free and like c25k app. you can use your own music. You may need to join in at week 8 or 9 as the earlier weeks are very similar to c25k. Hope this is helpful.


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