Yoga and running

I've been looking at yoga for runners and apart from the fact that I'm not convinced I can achieve many of the positions - I have many wobbly bits to get in the way ! I am wondering if this is something to do on running days or rest days. I assume you should at least warm the body up with a walk first or is this not necessary with yoga? What do the rest of you do?

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  • I try and do about 45 mins yoga every day :) Keeps the old body a bit flexible and soothes my mind and soul... which, if you have read any of my weird ramblings, you can see I need it! :)

  • I have been going to yoga classes for over 10 years now and I couldn't possibly give it up. Whether it helps my running or not, I don't know but it sorts my head out and that's why I like it.

  • Yoga is a great thing to do. We can't all be yogi's but we just do what we can. Breeeeeeeeeeeeeathe into it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Have just discovered there is a yoga class in my village so am going to give it a try next week. Figured it would be better to start with some guidance. Hopefully my poor hands will have recovered from my Saturday fall by then.

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