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week 8/2 technology troubles

The last few runs I have been using Shealth along side the nhs podcast, I knew what buttons to press so it was all good. went out to start 5 minute warm up, noticed Shealth had been upgrade and you guessed to everything had been rearranged, why do they do that! Anyway found the right buttons to get the podcast going just got to the bit when I am supposed to start running and the phone rings, I don't recognize the number so ignore it then can't find how to stop the pod cast or start Shealth.

Finally got everything going but now the podcast is out of sync with the shealth app, I'm about 2 minutes in on the podcast and haven't started running. Eventually got going after a bit of flapping around trying to put the stupid arm strap on whilst jogging. The run was uneventful once I got started and I apparently covered 4.2 KM in 28 minutes even though for some reason my gps was off so I don't know how it knows that ? 6m40 kilometers so about the same as last time.

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