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Watch out world!

I did it! I ventured outside with my running! I managed to go quicker outside than inside but not for as long first time out. I completed one lap of our local park run and the beginning and end bit. Totalling 3km, it took me 22mins. I am pleased. It was hard but the intention is to go outdoors every Monday from now on.

It was quiet but a few runners said hi and gave me a cheery grin. I felt like I was part of a special club oh and the trail runners I got for graduation finally got dirty (along with my legs).

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, onwards and upwards 😊

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Ah Well done !

Once you get outside, it opens up a whole new world doesn't it ? :-) xxx


Hooray, I'm so pleased for you! Did you enjoy it more than running inside you think? Well done for planning to get out every week. So many outside experiences still to discover for us - it's like being new to running all over again! :)

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Well done on getting out. It's fab in it. Go steady it's not a race! ☺


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