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tough couple of weeks

Well the OH has been back in hospital with a broken femur (that's a whole other very long story!) but I was still getting up and running before work then after a full day, going straight to the hospital and the a quick ready meal (loving MandS balanced for you !) and washing out the PJs ready to take back the next day!!

So last week, when he was finally home you'd think it'd be easy but no my last two runs of the week were awful. One I took a short cut home and did 4k and the last I did my usual 5k route but at 3k I had a little walk.

Now I know a run is a run is a run and at least I was out there but after not struggling and seeing my pace slowly but surely increase, this felt like a real set back. SO to this morning and I managed the full 5k and just under a minute off my PB so that's not bad.

Onwards and upwards xx

p.s feel the bouncyness has gone form my trainers. Bonus at work this month so maybe a little treat is coming my way! :)

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You deserve new trainers after your efforts and to slice time off your PB too. Well done. 😊


New PB! well done - just think what you could do with new shoes!


Sorry just re read my post - didn't mean to mislead. when I said a minute off I didn't mean less i meant more!! ooops! Thought it was goo to be within a minute of my PB after such a bad few weeks!


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