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Couch to 5K
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Hi, I'm new here today

My challenges to myself are the following:

1. Complete the couch to 5k (and beyond)

2. Lose 21lbs

3. Get back my waist!

4. Be ready mentally to start training in October for the London Marathon 2017, should I get in via the ballot.

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Good luck! Let us know how you get on.


Thank you! Will do. Starting Wk 5 tomorrow.


Good luck x


Great list of goals! You are brave - I can't imagine running a marathon! Best of luck with your training.


Good luck with your training, and fingers crossed for the ballot place!


Great to have clear objectives and little milestones along the way. Good luck and sure and steady wins the race.


Some targets there.... take it steady and you will get there. Focus on simple steps and take it at your own pace.

"Everything is possible, the impossible just take a little longer"! :)

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Thanks everyone for your good wishes and encouragement. I've never joined a forum before, but it really gives me something extra being a part of it. Ok, so wk 5 run1 completed. Found it quite tough, especially middle 5 mins, but got there, so feeling good! Knees aching a bit now, but no pain, no gain! I just love this programme!!!


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