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W3R3 done but week technical difficulties

So I was on the last 3 minute run, tired and my phone decided to just not play the rest of the podcast so it stopped (I mainly use it so I know how long is left especially in the end of the run) so I slowed down to a walk again trying to play it again and it said not connected to the internet .... I shouted at my phone saying you've never had to connect to the internet in the middle of the run so why start now! Anyway had to put a timer alarm on my phone to tell me when to stop and slow down for the rest of the run but despite that I've finally finished week 3 yey :-D now to look forward (or not as the case may be) to week 4

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This will be the first of many technical hitches 😊you did well to carry on!

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Thanks :-)


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