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Why is an extra 3 mins so hard?

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Just finished week 8 and it has been very hard. I enjoyed week 7 but the extra 3 minutes has been hard for all three runs. I think part of the problem is that I am struggling to find a route which doesn't involve repeating bits but also avoiding hills/inclines.

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You've done it though!

It's been so hot this week - that may have made it more of a struggle.

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Chill out a bit. Go nice and slow, be a bit Zen, relax. It's fun. Not a trip to the dentist 😊

Keep it simple, one foot in front of the other and just do it. If you don't over think it you'll be fine. Honestly, you can do it ☺

Yes, this really hot weather makes life harder but you choose cooler times of the day or find some shade

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I too avoided hills until after graduation, honestly, they are not as bad as you anticipate when you put your mind to conquering them. Repeating parts of your route can be disheartening, but with only three more runs till graduation, you have two choices, either suck it up until graduation or tackle that hill. Good luck which ever you decide, deep down you know you can do this.

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Thanks guys, that helps a lot 😀

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Hi there wow you are on the finishing straight now !!! I did run 1 of week 8 today and found it really hard 😁😁 hoping it gets a wee bit easier on the next one. Well done to you and all the best for the 3 remaining runs!!👍👍

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I am facing W8R3 next but I can only agree completely with you about the extra 3 minutes, I swear that's wrong! This has been the hardest week so far by a long shot and I've really started to doubt my ability to finish each time!

So be proud that you are doing better than me and have one less run to go! Plus, week 9 is only 2 minutes more... That's got to be more manageable than 3 extra we've done this week, right?!!

It is tough doing these longer runs now there is no walk break, but they do seem to be necessary to get you up to the 30 mins...stamina building..The heat and the mental side of it make it more difficult.. but you can do this. Agree with miss wobble and slowstart...Go You.😊

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Thank you once again for all your support. Collecting my eldest from uni tomorrow for the last time and really excited which has given me a boost. Downside my youngest has given me her cold 🤒 so not sure when I will be able to start week 9 but hopefully Sunday.

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