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5K on my treadmill... in 38 minutes :)

I have my second 5K race this coming Sunday and have been slacking on my running over the past few weeks. My last run was on 6/1, and it was only for 1 mile. So needless to say I got up on that treadmill last night on a mission. I pushed harder than I ever have, and managed to finish with almost as good a time as my first 5K race... considering I was on the treadmill I take that as a MAJOR accomplishment. I was so tired when I finished though, that I got off the treadmill too soon, without doing my 5 minute cool down. This was a mistake as I became light headed and needed to go ice my neck and eat a banana.. Took a while to get my heart rate down. Today I am feeling it! My thighs, my calves, I can feel the burn! I plan on running again on Thursday, hoping to make it outdoors for this one, the last run before Sundays race. Just wanted to share with you all :)

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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Nice 5K time :-).

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Good luck on Sunday 👍


I can only repeat the above sentiments PotterBook - a great 5K time, and good luck in the race.

I was really impressed by the post you did today on the "grad runners advice for beginners" thread. Very inspiring, thank you :)


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