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Took Me By Surprise, I Must Say, When I Found Out (Not) Yesterday

Not been running for a couple of weeks because of a virus, feeling shivery and sweaty, blocked sinuses and so on. I felt back to (what passes for) normal and went out on my run this morning but after about ten to fifteen minutes I wasn't feeling as sprightly as usual (which is not very sprightly) and had to walk. At this point I realised my legs had gone, I couldn't get my breath and was very much taken by surprise. These viruses are tricky articles, they lull you into a false sense of security and just when you think you're shot of them they come back and bite you in the bum.

So, I shall do what many of the folks on this forum do, who are far wiser and more experienced than me, go back to week 5 or 6 and gently bring myself back to the boil.

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Sorry to hear this , yes they can knock you for six and leave you feeling like a wrung out mop ! I heard that through the grapevine :-)

I would start with a warm up walk of maybe ten minutes , then yes Week 5 or 6 sounds like a really good idea.

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Thanks PP, wrung out mop is indeed what I felt like. I was more surprised by my breathing, however. Normally I barely notice my breathing once I stop running but on this occasion I was like a wheezy old bagpipe with holes in it.

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Oh one of my all time favourite songs ❤️❤️❤️

My advice is just don't run until you are completely over it. If it takes another couple of weeks then so be it. Your legs and the road will still be there when you're ready to start again. Tough I know, but better than trying a run, having to stop and then feeling like a failure. When you're ready to test the water again, why not do a run you know you'll be able to complete, maybe week 2, and then decide where to pick up the programme again depending on who that run feels. Good luck m'dear, get well soon :)


Many thanks for your encouragement; as you say, it'll all still be there for when I venture out again. I'll back peddle for a wee while, just to keep me ticking over.


Very sensible. You should always expect to go gently for the first few runs after a lay off - but you will find that you quickly get back on form.


Thank you UR. I had thought I was ok and it was not until I put my body under stress that I discovered I clearly wasn't. As you say, gently does it.


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