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Park run!

I have just completed my first park run! 36.32 minutes. I am on cloud 9 that I managed to do it without stopping. Everyone there was lovely, and the volunteers cheering people on really helped.

There was a really nice lady that explained the way it worked to me at the start, and it was lovely that after she finished, she came back to look for me, gave me a bit of encouragement and led me into a sprint finish which left me on a high. I don't even know how I was able to sprint, as before she came I was starting to flag. Sarah from Park Run Cardiff, thank you!!

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Well done x

Great time too 😀


Great effort well done and a good time to aim at 😊

You should be mighty proud 😊


Aw that's great Rere !

What a nice lady, its surprising what a boost something like that can give you when youre flagging a bit .

Well done to you ! :-) xxx


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