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Week 4 Completed

Well the third of the 3 runs of week 4 completed yesterday. Not bad considering I was actually on holiday as well so not in my local park.

I did give myself a little more time in the morning so instead of 4-30am it was more like 6am. I did push myself a bit on the 3rd run as the loop I was using I was finishing about 200 yards short of a complete loop in 5 minutes.

But the final run 5 minute run I carried on until I ad done a full loop. A great feeling and so looking forward to being back in my old stomping ground.

One thing I had noticed that I able able to recover quicker when walking uphill (plenty were I was staying). Still puffing a bit going up the hills but not as bad as it was.

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Wrll done on compketing week4, you are well on your way now ☺

Isn't it great to see and feel the improvements as you progress 😊


Well done Andy! It's crazy how much progress the body can make in 4 weeks isn't it.


Well done

Onwards and upwards!!


Fantastic Andy !

Well done you :-) xxx


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