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Dodgy Foot

My foot has always got pins and needles and gone a bit numb around 20 minutes in and I've now discovered it's arthritis at base of my middle toes 😕. I graduated 2 years ago and run 5k about twice a week. I'd like to run further and more often and have a couple of 10Ks planned late summer but wondering if It's actually a good idea to keep running at all. I'd love to hear from others experience of running with arthritis as I'm loathe to give it up.

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That sounds painful but I think you should ask your doctor this question. Good luck.


Do you know for sure It's arthritis? You don't mention any pain? tight shoes especially across the top of the mid foot width can cause p&n, need a wider shoe? are laces too tight? orthotIc insoles may help, but probably best to see a doctor/physio.. I have a bit of mild discomfort sometimes at base of middle toes/front of ball of foot, I try and keep the pressure off this area especially when going uphill, which made it flare up in the first place, but it ain't easy..😊


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