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W6r1 tech problems

After the high of actually running for a full 20 minutes on Monday I could not wait to get into w6. So I picked up my ipod and selected the run and the power went off, I had not turned it off properly. No problem I have downloaded the podcast on my phone here we go... 100 m and the podcast kept turning off every 5 seconds. Do I cancel can not really other plans for tomorrow so remembering the programme I ran without Laura and timed my runs / walk.How hard was that not having her with me I felt as though I had left something behind. Also a jolt to get some music sorted for when the time comes to leave Laura behind. Anyway onwards and upwards W6r2 next😊

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Blooming technology - it will be the ruin of us all! :-). I seem to remember in week 9 the NHS choices c25k app had Laura a little bit confused as to when 30 minutes was up - she teasingly said it was finished 3 or 4 minutes before it actually was :-).

Great effort on completing anyway - nice lesson that you don't need the safety of Laura (as nice as she is).

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All these tech problems and the thought of running for longer times is making me think about music choices as stand by for Laura disappearing. Sounds like you coped well. Well done onwards!


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