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Not sure if my legs will work at all tomorrow!

This morning did W4R2 at 5.30 am..... Surprisingly managed to finish it albeit a bit slow towards end of last jog, shower, breakfast and a 3K fast walk to work...... Worked till 6 then 50 minute Zumba class..... Now sat down at home feeling heavy legged and worried they may not move at all.... I know this is nothing compared to what some runners do, but for me new to this I think I need to avoid the run on zumba days in future!

But on a positive note, I did it and I never thought I'd get this far.....😀 And I have to say I am finding the plan somewhat addictive!

Hope everyone else has had a good day😄

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Well done! And I hope you're not too stiff tomorrow!!

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Ooh think you need a hot bath! Well done, addictive I agree


Well done Radleychick.

Sounds like an exhausting day!

I think you need a nice relaxing bath


Thank you ...... Just got out of the bath, so hopefully tomorrow I will be ok 😁


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