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Confession time !

I couldn't hold back! I'm on WK5with my husband and I've been running/walking the Parkrun with my 17 year old daughter since we started (she leaves me for dust so it's not her fault) this week I felt so good running, I disobeyed Laura (I know, I'm sorry) and ran the WHOLE 5K !!!!

What a high! Better than Gin!!!!! (just). I will be back on the programme with Hubbie on Monday I promise.

Who else has disobeyed Laura and lived to tell the tale??

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Mmnn. It's so tempting to run further but most people, when they do, suffer the consequences. I don't know your background, whether you've run before, general fitness, age, etc but you've maybe got away with it. This time.

Well done on getting to week 5.


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