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Got faster, how did that happen?

Start of week 12, and for some reason my speed has improved from a best 1 km split of 10.41 in the last run, to 3 kms of 9 mins, 10,22 and 10,12 mins. What do you know, once again people on here are right when they said that keep doing the 30 min runs to consolidate and speed will happen. Given that I was ill yesterday with a violent stomach bug that left me to weak to wash up, (well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it), I didn't even think that I would get out today to do anything. The funny thing is that I didn't think I was going faster.

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Oh, I remember those days where every fortnight you'd seem to get a bit faster ☺

It's a great sign. Be careful not to push it at this stage though and let it come naturally.

Hope you are over the bug but make sure you drink enough water.

Happy running ☺


Congratulations, I'm way behind you but it does seem that progress is subtle and sneaks up on you!


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