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Rookie needs advise

Hi i started the c25k program this week and just did my 2nd day of week 1. Ive researched about shoes before i started and got myself Adidas Supernova Glide Boost shoes, which are neutral/cushion as i see myself as a normal pronator. however, i feel immense pain in my right leg shin and my right foot inside the arch. i'm not sure if i chose a wrong shoe or I'm doing it wrong. my left leg pretty fine and i don't have any trouble. Could someone advise whats happening with me?

For reference, i'm 31 male, 5.7' tall and weigh 78 kg (just into the obese zone) and haven't exercised in last 10 years.

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Poor you. I think I'd get that shin and arch pain to a doctor. Hope it's a really minor injury that clears up soon. Let us know how you get on so we can encourage you back on the programme when you're ready. Good luck.

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You could go to a dedicated running shop and get your gait analysed properly. Maybe that shoe isn't right for you. If the shoe isn't right you can swop it for one that is. A good shop should always accept them back

If you've not exercised for a long time and are new to C25k you can expect some niggles but usually it's just that and not absolute pain. If the pain doesn't subside then you will have to see a doctor.

Usually the niggles clear up, and you get stronger and lose the niggles as you progress through the runs. The important thing to remember is to go really slowly. No need to charge about. Slow is fine for C25k, it will get you through to the end in one piece. A gentle jog is all that's required

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hi thanks for your reply. i completed w2d1 today and i can say that the arch pain is almost gone. Apparently its due to break-in of the shoe. the shoe feels less tight now around the sides and i guess that did the trick. Shin pain is still around though not as severe as day 1 or 2. Hope it will clear out eventually when i make progress into the program. i will keep posting how it turns out. thanks for the support.

i'm planning to start the training on sit-ups during off days from running. do you think its good idea? doing it alternate days when I'm not running? i really want to see some change in my appearance :) do away with the beer belly :)


Well done for doing w2r1. Glad the arch pain was a minor niggle and hope the shin pain clears up.

Sit ups on your days off sound good - I think there's a podcast for stretch and flex (not done it yet - am fairly new) that several people have recommended. That reminds me - I need to do some to stop my lower back ache!

Keep going - you've already made progress since your first run!


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