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W1R3 - first week done! Toning exercises too?

Can't quite believe week 1 is done! Felt ever so slightly easier too walked whenever anyone was near , they really didn't need to see my sweaty, self running by😝 Luckily not too many people around u til I was walking home after running through the many people around at 5.30! ( Have to go out and back before hubby goes off to work!) But I just pretended my phone was really interesting and didn't look at anyone.

I also want to do some toning work - possibly an exercise DVD, is it OK to do this on my rest days from running?

Looking forward to week 2 starting on Sunday 😁

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I haven't done them myself yet but there are some strength and flex exercises and podcast for the alternate days.

I'm not wise enough to say about what other exercise you should or shouldn't be doing on the alternate days, I'm sure someone wise will be along shortly


Yip, some toning between runs are fine. I do some aerobics classes (am lucky as they are a complete giggle!)

Don't worry about folk seeing you, you are out there, getting fit, having fun (they are probably gealous!)

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Yes it's a good idea. Walking too burns loads of calories so work that into your day whenever possible. I try and walk everywhere

I do Jillian Michaels DVD's at home on my non-run days. We have a separate thread for this, over on Push Yourself. It's under the Communities button at the top of the screen. Go and have a look-see. I can't afford a gym so exercise in the comfort of my lounge. I'm doing day 25 of Ripped in 30 today. They really help to get you fitter, stronger and slimmer.

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I've been sort of doing Jillian Michael"s too, but not all the time and was getting bored hence the running, but now I have started running I thought I'd start again. Thanks for the tip on the Push yourself board, I'll check it out


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